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Design Your Life in Balance

Meditation and Inner Development

Through compassionate coaching, guided meditation and stress reduction techniques, you can reach higher levels of consciousness to enhance your mind-body connection. Develop the worklife balance you deserve, step into your personal power and create your personal brand to move forward in personally and professionally. Begin to identify your deepest core values and feel more balanced, gain clarity and focus, reduce distractions, feel relaxed, happy and energized!

Guided Meditation

Awaken and experience mindfulness through meditation.  Karen leads a variety of meditation forms so you learn the value of breath, silence, chant, visualization and even musical rythmns. Check the Events Calendar for guided meditations near you. 

Call 631-294-5686 or email to book Karen Lynn at your next event to guide your participants in a customized meditation designed for your special event!


Master Your Extraordinary Self®

  • Energy, Confidence, Motivation
  • Setting, Planning, Achieving Goals
  • Positive Thinking, Greater Self-Worth
  • Stress-free Flow of Daily Life
  • Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Relationships & Communication - Improved!
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decision-Making, Critical Thinking 
  • Health & Money Issues Resolved

Deep inner changes lead to outer satisfaction and success in business and in your life.  
The Extraordinary Self 'toolbox' teaches you to handle any situation any time. You learn to transform inner self-defeating patterns; flow through each day knowing what is most important; learn to become resilient and moving with change instead of against it; make excellent decisions; take 100% responsibility for what is in your control or influence; and much more! 

Call 631-294-5686 or email  for more details on how you can take the Extraordinary Self Assessment or request the current schedule of Extraordinary Self Development Programs, Complimentary Group mini-sessions, Private Sessions, Lectures and Special Events!