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Mastering Marketing Sense™

Mastering Marketing Sense the Feng Shui Way™ - Energizing Your Business!
by Karen Lynn Ferraro, Author and Marketing Leader

Webinar available soon!

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. Looking to rejuvenate your current business?
. Starting a business?
. Seeking clarity to capture new business?

Then this Webinar is for you!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, new to marketing, or a seasoned marketing director of a large organization, this series will give you new perspectives for building a marketing strategy to fit your business needs and generate results. Small business and large global corporations will benefit from looking at marketing in ways that make marketing sense!

Here is a preview of what you will learn:

. Making Marketing Sense of Your Business with Feng Shui – a Blended Approach!
. What’s in a Business Name – the power within to attract the business you want!
. Your Business Image – What is your Business Card and Logo Saying About You?
. Online Presence – Website and Social Media Do’s & Don’ts According to Feng Shui
. Creating Marketing Flow to Generate Business Flow – building a marketing machine
. Keeping Clients Coming Back for More – developing relationships and momentum

You will determine if your marketing is fully functioning or flawed - then begin to learn how to adjust it! 

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. 4 hours of intensive instruction and guidance
. EBook Companion to the Series... over 30 pages of techniques
. MarketingBagua™ unique process for Mastering Marketing Sense the Feng Shui Way!

Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneurs, executives, anyone new to marketing, anyone starting a business, seasoned marketing managers, students, interns, those with desire to learn more, anyone wishing to grow their business, independent practitioners, consultants, start-ups, small-to-medium business owners, large global corporations.  

Mastering Marketing Sense is the newest approach to move your business forward.

Mastering Marketing Sense the Feng Shui Way is the newest approach to move your business forward with the hottest marketing trends that blend with wisdom traditions and Feng Shui principles. A dynamic concept that goes deep to create your best marketing approach to create business success! 

Whether you are an entrepreneur of a small business, in private practice for yourself as a professional, or a top marketing executive in a major corporation, MarketingSense enables you to create a holistic business vision and marketing mission to move business forward.

Mastering Marketing Sense Private Consultations and Coaching

MarketingSense and Feng Shui Business Consultation

Step 1
is the MarketingSense™ consultation uncovers what you really need for your business to move in new directions and transform. Take the MarketingSense Assessment and work one-on-one with Karen Ferraro, marketing expert and certified coach to determine the marketing priorities for your business.  Business development and professional growth starts with you! Start building your business in perfect balance by aligning it with every aspect of you to fulfill the needs of your clients to achieve your desired results.

Step 2 is the Feng Shui Business Consultation... whether your business is based in a home office, managing a practice or retail establishment, or running a large department or business in a 'corporate campus' environment, the space where business is expected to evolve speaks loudly when looked at from a Feng Shui perspective. Together we will identify the relationship between your mission and the kinds of clients, employees and amount of business you wish to attract to make it flourish. Your business and even your home living environment is the outward representation of what is working or not working in daily life. To create a supportive environment for your business and personal objectives, you will receive extensive recommendations to support your aspirations - moving you and your business forward with greater ease. This important step is priced according to the size and location of your business.

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Copyright ©2013 - Written by Karen Lynn Ferraro ~ Published by AKLYN Marketing & Co.